How to install and register RainLoop WebMail as Service in Plesk

Currently there are two free webmail solutions in Plesk that I personally do not prefer. Therefore, I had the idea to implement RainLoop Webmail as a third solution for me.
If anyone want to follow me, here is how to do it.

Step 1: Domain Preparation in Plesk

We go to our domain and open Mail Settings in Plesk:




There we have to change the Webmail-Application to None and confirm with OK:



Step 2: Add Subdomain for webmail

In the next step we will create the new Subdomain for webmail, I will use webmail, but you can choose any name you want, do not forget to Secure the domain with Let's Encrypt:




When the subdomain has been created, we will adjust the Apache & nginx Settings:




disable the Proxy Mode to turn off Apache2:



and we add the following code to Additional nginx directives to ban access to the data directory of Rainloop, which we will create later:


location ^~ /data {
	deny all;

It should look like this:



Confirm with OK.



Step 3: Create Database for Contacts in Rainloop (optional)


This step is optional because Rainloop can store contacts within its own SQLite instance even without a MySQL database.

We add a Database in our subdomain by clicking Add Database:




and we enter the required values, for example the following ones (Please note the username, password and database name):


Confirm with OK.



Step 4: Installation of RainLoop Webmail


First we have to download the Installer-Script here.

Then we go to File Manager in our Subdomain, Select and Remove all Content:




Upload the downloaded Installer-Script (installer.php):



and call the installer.php in your webbrowser: https://webmail.yourdomain.tld/installer.php. This will create the following output:




Step 5: Configuration of RainLoop Webmail


To configure our new RainLoop Webmail Solution, we have to enter the admin interface:


the default credentials are admin with password 12345:




First of all we should change the credentials in the Security-Tab and enable Two-Factor-Authentication:




Before we will able to use Webmail, we have to add the domain or domains you want to allow to use RainLoop in the Domain-Tab and do not forget to disable or delete active domains (as example gmail):




In the next dialog we have to enter the required information to connect to our mailserver per imap and smtp, I will use no encryption, because I use my local mailserver. When you use an external mailserver please use encryption!




Next we go to Tab Contacts and activate them. We do not forget to enter our Database-Connection if we create a MySQL-Instance for RainLoop in Step 3:




In the Tab General we may adjust Attachment size limit and Interface Settings for example Language:




and in the Plugins Tab we are able to activate Plugins:




which we can install in the Packages Tab:




In the Tab About, we should check for an update:




If an update is available, we can install it by clicking Update:




Now our new RainLoop Webmail is available at our Subdomain https://webmail.yourdomain.tld:




At the end of this step we have to remove the installer.php in the webspace of our Subdomain with the File Manager:




If we want to use this webmail for other domains, we can follow the next step to register RainLoop as Webmail Solution in Plesk.


Step 6: Configuration of Plesk (optional)


In this step we will register the new Webmail Solution in Plesk.

Go to Tools & Settings and Webmail under Mail in Plesk




and in the next dialog we will add our RainLoop with Register Webmail:




and enter our URL and Webmail-Name:




Now we can change the Webmail in other domains in Mail Settings:




Finished 🙂 Try it out, Share it and don’t hesitate to contact me. See you soon…

5 Gedanken zu „How to install and register RainLoop WebMail as Service in Plesk

  1. Thanks for the article. I’ve got everything to work except the registration for other domains. I’ve followed your steps as above but when trying to access webmail.otherdomain.tld which references the original webmail.domain.tld I’m presented with the default plesk page.

    1. Hi Chris, your welcome.
      When you Register this webmail for other Domains it is reachable over the webmail.domain.tld not over webmail.otherdomain.tld. If you want this you have to install another instance of rainloop. I will look for a solution to make it reachable in all domains, but this will take time.

      Regards Markus

  2. Die Anleitung hat sehr gut funktioniert! Danke, dass ich hier immer wieder einiges dazulernen kann!
    Sogar meine Nextcloud-Kontakte habe ich nun mit Rainloop synchronisiert.
    Hast du eigentlich auch schon die Rainloop- App für die Nextcloud ausprobiert? Leider fehlt da eine (eigentlich sehr naheliegende) Möglichkeit, Dateien direkt aus der Nextcloud als Anhang verwenden zu können.

    1. Hallo Chris,
      Danke für das regelmäßige Ausprobieren und das treue Lesen 🙂
      Die App hatte ich schon mal ausprobiert, aber außer, dass sie in der Nextcloud läuft, sehe ich keinen Vorteil.
      Das wäre ein Feature, das sicherlich sehr interessant wäre.

      Gruß Markus

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